Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sam and the Old People

 Two weeks ago I hit a babysitting snafu and took Sam with me to lead a worship service at an assisted living home. Some delightful IWU students came along as well.

Sam explained to John: “Since the old people can’t come to church, we bring the church to them.”

We drove to the facility and once inside Sam made a beeline for the receptionist’s desk and asked, “Do you know where all the old people are who like little kids?” She pointed him towards the lobby where the small congregation was waiting.

Sam was eager to participate, so he sang a song (“Jesus Loves Me”), he recited a Bible verse (Genesis 1:1), and then he settled in next to Mary who interrupted the service every thirty seconds to announce, “Oh, he’s just so cute I could take him home.”

Part way through my sermon Sam realized I was sharing a story about him. He popped off his chair and made his way to my side. Grabbing my hand he interrupted and actually finished the illustration himself.

After this display of divine initiative he then asked, “Now can I preach about dinosaurs?”

Sam Drury, age 4: Wingman.

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Beck said...

I'll need to see the homiletics on that, Sam.

Never a dull moment!