Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Blessed Are Those Who Doubt"

Two weeks ago I preached on doubt. Afterwards a woman came up to me and said she was hoping to send a copy of the sermon to her sister out east who had left the faith. I asked her not to. I explained to her that this sermon was written for those grappling with doubt in the pews. That in fact, I would preach something much different to a doubter outside of the church than a doubter inside of the church. Actually, I wouldn't preach at all. I probably wouldn't talk a whole lot, either. I'd like to think most of my time would be spent listening.

I wrote this sermon with college students in mind. What surprised me were the quiet and simple admissions to doubt that came from those older than me. Some much, much older than me.

The thrust of this sermon is simple: You can't choose what you doubt. You can't choose when you doubt. But you can choose how you doubt.

I remember a conversation with my father from my teenage years: "Tell me about this God you don't believe in, Mandy. Because I probably don't believe in him either."