Friday, February 17, 2012

Women in Ministry Part 1: An Apologetic

Part 1: An Apology for Women in Ministry

“I think it’s fine for women to be pastors. I’d just prefer mine be a male.”

I remember hearing this phrase as a middle schooler. It wriggled its way into my brain and added a kind of hesitation to my ministry-inclined self.

I’ve got a few posts brewing on women in ministry that I’m hoping to post over the next two weeks or so. These posts are not so much apologetics for women in ministry, but reflections on women in ministry. If, however, there are those of you who are looking for more of an apologetic approach, I would direct you towards either this short book by Ken Schenck, or this fantastic sermon recently delivered by Dave Ward at Central Wesleyan Church in Holland, Michigan. Both are very accessible and great to pass along to others.

Dave begins his sermon by introducing himself as a recovering chauvinist. In a spirit of repentance he then walks the congregation through a coherent, fairly comprehensive, and biblical understanding of women in ministry. Dave pretty much says everything I think and more. And since he says it all so very well I thought you should hear it in his own words.

Dave concludes his sermon with a powerful ending that went something like this:

“Some people decide the while the bible can’t be used to argue against women in ministry, they just prefer a man. It’s just a preference thing. I understand that. Similarly, you may not have anything against black people in general, you just prefer white people. You might even simply prefer to have a white pastor to a black one…We have a word for that.” 

I wish I had heard words like this as a middle schooler. Preach, Brother!


Kimberly said...

thank you for this. (a fairly new reader...i'm enjoying your blog!)

Amanda said...

Sorry, the video link isn't working. I'm looking into it...

Amanda said...

Link fixed.

Tara said...

Thanks, Mandy. Not sure if you've been following the Facebook conversation I've been having about this- but I really appreciate you and your thoughts. Love, Tara