Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Newest Member of Our Family: Sam's Pet

Here's the clip of Sam getting his first pet. It's ridiculously long. The first minute or two is cute as he realizes he is in fact a pet owner. You can also hear evidence of his crazy love of animals and insane amount of knowledge in his ability to categorize these animals.

So far so good with the newt Sam has named, "Sticky Tack" (he picks the name at 6:25). In fact, just yesterday Sam announced, "Sticky Tack has lived longer than Stay-Forever and Stay-for-Two-Weeks. And he's right. He has. And I harbor a secret fear that the pet store owner substituted the $3.99 newt for the $18.99 one that's supposed to live 15-20 years. If such is the case, this newt WILL move out of the house when Sam does.

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