Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bringing the Mountain to Mohammad

Not long ago Sam and I were flipping through a memory book where we saw much of the "art" he created as a baby. I was thinking to myself, "I can't wait until Clara gets old enough to do this," when I flipped a masterpiece over, saw the date, and realized Sam was 3 months younger than Clara's current age.

So this afternoon I hauled out large sheets of papers and washable markers and let Clara have at it. She loved it. 

And then she tried to eat it. Like most babies her age, Clara grabbed a marker and stuck it in her mouth. "No, no, Clara," I said gently as I pulled it out. We reenacted this scenario three times before Clara figured out this was not snack time.

So instead, she took her marker, colored on her hand, and then began licking that hand.

The teenage years are gonna be a blast.

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Julia Brunet said...

Amazing how each one is sooooo different. They have their own ways.