Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sam Turns Four

Best. Birthday. Ever. Although, that's not tough when you can't remember your first birthday, you have a 104.5 temperature for your 2nd birthday and the night of your 3rd birthday is the inaugural of severe sleep issues. This 4th birthday was very, very sweet and much appreciated.

For weeks leading up to his birthday Sam has been telling us he wants snow for his birthday. The weather forecasts nor the 55-degree days we had earlier this week made Sam's wish seem likely. And then, around 9:30 am, thirty minutes before his party was to begin the flakes began to fall. Right before the pony arrived.

That's right. We hired a pony.

One of the great things about living in the middle of Indiana is that there always seems to be someone with a pony willing to show up to give a few kids some rides for the cost of a trip to the movies. Thanks Dan the Pony Man. We kicked off Sam's birthday with a flurried "sleigh" ride through the neighborhood (and yes, we invited the neighbors).

 This was Sam's favorite gift of the day. A toy bird. His excitement only dampened slightly when he realized it wasn't real.
 Authentic pony manure.

 Thanks Martha Steward crafts for the balloon animals.
We scattered these animals throughout the house.

Happy Birthday, Sam-wise!


The Rupps said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

Sarah Sanderson said...

OH MY GOSH! you hired a PONY!!! best birthday ever!!!!! what a cool idea =) I just can't stop looking at the cute little pony - ahhh!