Monday, December 12, 2011

Jurassic Jesus

Two weeks ago Sam got strep throat. And then I got it. And then Clara got it. And then Sam got it again. To play it safe I kept the kids home from church yesterday with the plans of doing our own little advent service. During Clara's nap, I pulled out the construction paper, scissors and glue. I told the story of Jesus' birth while cutting out a large manger complete with swaddled child. Sam listed characteristics for me to write down upon our paper Christ-child. You can see the results of efforts below:
Before you get caught up in some kind of sweet mental image of mother and child engrossing themselves in the birth of Christ, I should un-zoom the camera lens a bit. Because unbeknownst to me, while I was focusing on my creative efforts, Sam was working on his own project. When I got to the part of the flight to Egypt, Sam jumped in: "And that's when the dinosaurs ate baby Jesus."
While I am immensely proud of Sam's creative outpouring (I only cut out the circle eyes and nostrils--he cut, glued, and arranged the rest), I can't help but think that it comes at the expense of my Lord and Savior.

(For the curious amongst you, the top dino is a T-Rex, the one beneath it is a brachiosaurus, and the one with three horns is a personal favorite.)

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