Thursday, December 08, 2011

Happy Birthday, Clara Jane!

Happy Birthday, Clarabelle! I think it will suffice to publicly proclaim 6 things I love about this *almost* 13 month old.

1. She applauds after nursing. Seriously. After she gets her fill, she smiles at me and claps her hands. I feel so affirmed.
2. She sleeps. A lot. Enough said.
3. She fights smart. Sam and Clara occasionally get in playful games of tug-of-war. Often times Sam is pulling with all his might while Clara leisurely drapes her body across the coveted blanket and plays dead. They are pretty evenly matched.
4. She is obsessed with the drums. She will sit and play for 10 minutes at a time and is perfectly content to sit on John's lap while he's playing (with muted drum brushes, of course).

5. She brushes her own teeth
6. That face.

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Beck said...

Okay, the pictures are seriously stunning. It's been fun hanging out with you guys!