Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Sam: "Dinosaurs have hy-pop-osis."
Me: "A what?"
Me: "Do you mean a hypothesis?"
Sam: "Yes. A hy-pop-osis."
John: "Sam, do you even know what a hypothesis is?"
Sam: "Yes, a hy-pop-osis means you're smart."
John: "Okay, so what's your hypothesis?"
Sam: "That I'm smart."


Beck said...

Does that kid watch Dinosaur Train? That sounds like something my kids would say after listening to Dr. Scott the Paleontologist.

(Weeping into my hands for my vast knowledge of PBS Kids programming.)

Amanda said...

Yes, Beck. You know it. That could be the best kid's tv theme song ever.

Beck said...

Agreed... very They Might be Giants-esque. But really... who names their triplets Tiny, Shiny, and Don?

Megan said...

I've been following your blog for a while, since my 4yo started having sleep issues, and found your experiences VERY helpful!! Anyway, that fiendly sounds like Dinosaur Train ;-) My boy loves when I get all King Cryolophasaurus on that theme song, haha!