Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Goggle Lied: Or Where is Joe Wilson When You Need Him

Dear Google,

On Friday, October 28th you informed me that the stomach flu had a 4-72 hour incubation period. And so when Monday night came and I was symptom free, I rejoiced thinking I had dodged Sam's horrendous bullet.

I was wrong. YOU were wrong. 98 hours after the Sam's flu made itself known I was clearly not well. Had I known of my impending doom I would have never made the dinner I made last night. Speaking of which, if anyone wants a lovely and easy crock pot meal just click here...I won't be making it anytime soon.

The family has been pulling together to take care of their weakest member. Clara started holding her sippy cup by herself (yes, she is almost a year old and has only now reached this milestone). When a loftily aspired walk across the hallway forced me to unexpected lie down, Sam ran over and covered me in a blanket and then turned around and snatched a choking hazard from his little sister's hand.

"Thanks, Sam. You're a good babysitter." I told him.

To which he responded, "I'm part babysitter, part doctor."

Holly watched and fed my kids for part of the day. And despite John's meeting packed, teaching packed day he would sneak home for literally 10 minutes at a time to drop off Sprite or change a diaper. 

I would have been more prepared had Google not been so misleading. It all goes to show: “The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine.” - Abraham Lincoln

And yes, we have picked out a living room color--thanks for the votes and a special thanks to Marcy for her photoshopping ingenuity. I'll fill you in later but I'm a bit preoccupied right now. I'm preoccupied with things like NOT EDITING THIS POST BEFORE HITTING "PUBLISH".




Brooke Smith said...

oh mando! i'm so sorry you were lied to! ;0) hope you get better quickly my friend. i miss you dearly.

Christin said...

As usual, you and your son crack me up! What a clever little guy! Are you feeling better?