Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sam the Realist

We buried Stay-Forever today. I know, I know, he's been dead for a while but the truth of the matter is I've simply been lazy. Whenever I remember we have a dead caterpillar that needs to be buried it's raining or eleven o'clock at night. Sam is still trying to wrap his mind around death. "See, Mommy, Stay-Forever isn't in heaven, he's right there!"(I confess, I may have promised his pet was in heaven during one of my weaker moments).

So we went outside this afternoon and dug a small hole. Actually, a big hole.

"We need to dig a really big hole for Stay-Forever. We don't get to heaven in a rocket ship or on a boat, we get to heaven in a really big hole. So he needs lots of room." Hmmm. This may be how the pyramids got started.

In classic Sam fashion, the minute the last mound of dirt was piled upon his "pet", Sam declared, "The next time I find a caterpillar I'm going to name him 'Stay-For-Two-Weeks'."

My little realist.


The Rupps said...

you really must be making this stuff up. do you even have a son named sam?


jenny said...

Wait. Are you saying there ISN'T a pet heaven???