Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sam Solves World Problems

Each night at bed time we ask Sam how he'd like to pray. We normally prompt him to say something that he is thankful for as well as a request. He hasn't quite gotten the request part yet and generally treats evening prayers like a wish-list for Santa. Tonight, however, his mind was working overtime:

Me: "Sam, can you think of something you'd like to thank God for? How about something you'd like to ask God?"

Sam: "I want a hug toy pelican. And I want to thank God that there aren't any dragons. And we need to pray for the kids in Africa that don't have clean water. Someone needs to tell the animals to not go in the water and take a bath there. I know! We can get them two ponds! Then people can drink from one pond and the animals can take baths in the other pond."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! Maybe he should tag team with Bill Gates. With Sam's ideas and Bill's money, they could be unstoppable!
PS- He is way ahead of Will, who tonight thanked God for tractors, his bobcat, and of course, chicken nuggets.
Thanks for writing. I love Sam stories and I just can't wait to hear what Clara is going to have to say.