Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Tell a Child His Pet Died

Any ideas? Sam is still in the dark on this one. I'm priming the pump--or at least trying to. Last night we had this conversation:

Sam: "Mommy, can we keep Stay-Forever forever?"
Me: "Not forever, Honey. All pets die at some point."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Well, sometimes pets get sick, or they're just really old and they die."
Sam: (Big smile) "Well Stay-Forever is a NEW pet. He's not old. So he won't die."

Before he went to bed he placed Stay-Forever's jar on my dresser and said, "You can sleep with him tonight, Mommy. That way if you wake up you'll be able to see him."

And during his bedtime prayer he thanked God for his new pet.

You're killing me, Smalls.


David Drury said...

My advice:

I thought that the only real reason to even own a pet was for the purpose of our kids learning about death when they kick the bucket.


The Rupps said...

I will refer you to this post of mine. It's all I've got on this topic.

The Rupps said...

...and, I might tell him two seconds before presenting him with a kitten or something. Just an idea:)

Josh Jackson said...

That's life sweetheart, is what I sometimes say to Stella.

Stella still asks if we can go find Margot and bring her back, among other things.

Amanda said...

Oh, sweet little Stella. She never really got to practice on small stuff, did she...