Thursday, September 15, 2011

Genuinely Grateful for Ear Infections...And the Puking Made Me Laugh, Too

Yesterday around noon I called John and with great joy and triumph announced, "Sam is sick!" This was incredibly good news. The past few nights were pretty rough with Sam waking up multiple times. We were holding our breath trying to figure out if we were back to square one with sleep issues or if he was merely coming down with something that would exacerbate the asthma. And so when I got a good look at his poor nose I was relieved to know I was looking at something temporary. I've never been so happy to learn my child had an ear infection.

This morning when he woke up, Sam came to me and said:

Sam: "Mommy, I got my asthma again while I was walking to your room."
Me: "You did? What did it feel like?"
Sam: "I don't know."
Me: "What did it sound like?"
Sam: (Long pause) "It sounded like something you would say, 'Bless you' to."

Poor Clara is sick, too. Sinus and ear infections. She's had a pretty strong gag reflex since she was born and is known to upchuck if there is an influx of mucus. Sam witnessed her regurgitating for the first time and panicked. Thinking his poor sister was exploding he yelled, "HER STOMACH IS COMING OUT! Hey look! There's Clara's yogurt."

Sam's dinner prayer had me smiling: "Dear God, please help Clara to get really, really better." Amen.

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