Sunday, September 18, 2011

Appropriate Pets for Toddlers

As I've mentioned before, Sam wants a pet. So much so that he has taken matters into his own hands and has acquired some pets on his own.

Sam has begun naming and claiming the few random houseflies that have wandered into our house. So far their names are:
Sam actually thinks he can distinguish between houseflies. He'll say something like, "There goes Fly-Fly. Oh wait! That's Ketchup."

Imaginary Pets:
Three days ago Sam introduced me to "Sweet", a dog that he carries around and let's sleep on his tummy.

Other People's Pets:
We dog sat for a neighbor this past week. When we walked into their house Sam began to yell, "Mommy, come see this new pet I just got from the pet store! He's all mine!"

And just yesterday Sam discovered a caterpillar in our entry hall (not sure how that happened). I came home from running errands and saw Sam sitting next to a series of blocks that were arranged to create a fence/home for his caterpillar. I convinced him to put it in a jar which we filled with sticks and dirt and leaves (do caterpillars need water?).

Sam has become very attached to his little caterpillar. I know this for two reasons:

1) He named it "Stay Forever Caterpillar"
2) "Stay-Forever" slept in Sam's bed last night

So the vibe I'm getting from my son is that he would really like a pet. Does that sound about right to you?


The Rupps said...

I think you have the most spectacular kid on earth. Coming from a proud mother of four, you can really take that as a compliment.


Elizabeth Turner said...

....the post in which I search mindlessly for a while online for the Malcolm in the Middle clip of Dewey's ill-fated relationship with the housefly he christens "Tony"...