Friday, July 15, 2011

The Time My Little Brother Got Hitched

My little brother got married last weekend. I had the priviledge of being the unofficial photographer. I always enjoy taking pictures. Especially when I've borrowed a camera that costs three times the amount of my wedding dress.

It was a beautiful wedding with ideal weather for the outdoor rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. I absolutely adore my new sister-in-law and am thrilled she's joined our family. I'm not including TOO many pics of the couple-of-the-hour because I want Paul to be able to share what he wants in his own way. Love you, Paul and Erin!
The stud-ly groom checking out his corn hole toss. I mean come on, what's a rehearsal dinner without a little corn hole?
Ella showing off the tooth that FINALLY came out. I may or may not have bribed her with cash to just yank that sucker out.
Various young gentlemen in between courses.
Mom and Dad--Happy 39th anniversary, you two!

The rehearsal dinner was held in my parent's back yard which looks a bit like the Garden of Eden. And by "a bit" I mean a lot.
Paul Sr. and Doris Jane Hontz--all the way from So Cal.

Who knew hymnals could be so exciting?
Completely candid. No posing. Just boys being boys and playing in perfect symmetry.

The happy couple.
I was drooling over Erin's hair all night.
Isn't she gorgeous?
Okay, so maybe not ALL eyes were on the bride and groom.
Jude the Dude.
Flower girl extrordinare...and his daughter Zoe.
If you know this couple, you need no caption.
Pops and Ella dancing.
And one more, just to prove I was there...and didn't have boogers.

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Beck said...

Nice pictures! I see lots of Criagslist "Photo and video" browsing in your future... :)