Saturday, July 02, 2011

Baby Steps and Gila Monsters

Like many of you, we've created sticker reward charts for Sam. Unlike many of you, most of these charts remain barren month after month after month. Last March I was talking with my counselor about Sam's sleep issues (yes, it drove me to counseling, antidepressants, you name it. If this continues much longer I will look into shock therapy). My wonderful counselor made the observation that it might be wise to give Sam a small goal that he actually might be able to accomplish and install some confidence in the young fellow.

So a few weeks ago I made a sticker chart. Sam would get a sticker if he went to bed without fussing and stayed in his room all night long until 7 am. This chart had three columns. Only three columns and yet it took until this week to earn all three of those stickers (now lest you think I got three full nights of sleep, Dear Reader, you should know my children have been conspiring behind my back and my sweet little sleeper of a seven-month-old managed to get the kind of ear infection that needs middle of the night soothing). I wish I could snap a picture of the kid when he comes running into our room yelling, "It's seven! It's seven!" You would think he had just scaled the Matterhorn (and actually, we celebrate as if he had).

The reward was a trip to the zoo. Sam had been talking about this trip all week--even approaching perfect strangers to announce that he got to go to the zoo (he also told one of these strangers that she had weeds in her yard--that's one way to warm the hearts of your new neighbors, let me tell you).

And so that's how we ended up at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo on the hottest day of the year. We walked around in 95 degree weather, guzzling water and pouring bottles over our kid's heads. It was actually a lot of fun as you can see below:

 I saw this face a lot today.
 Gila Monster fun
 Notice the wet head.
 I can't even express how much joy this little one brings me!
 Enough said.
 He even has the red eyes of a baby joey.
 It took everything I had to convince Sam to keep the undies on.

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