Friday, June 10, 2011

The Time I Went to Buy an iPad and Left with a Secretary

I wasn't interested in the iPad until it occurred to me that I could use it for Keynote Presentations at conferences/churches/etc. I thought it would be the ultimate traveling buddy. After arriving at the Apple Store, however, I found out it doesn't sync with a remote, meaning that I would have to press a button on the iPad to move around from slide to slide. I left the store unconvinced I wanted to spend $500 on a piece of equipment that was quickly moving from the category of "work-related" to "fun-related". It's not that I'm not willing to buy a little fun, but I wasn't quite sold. I heard the recent sermon series in my head as I walked through the mall asking myself, "Will this make my life simpler?" And the answer was an resounding "no."

So instead of the iPad, I got a personal secretary. After leaving the Apple store I walked to a cookie story to surprise John with a gourmet oreo cookie (what a wife). While I was there I decided to simplify my life further and leave my phone on the counter. It wasn't until I drove the hour home that I realized it was missing. My phone has been sitting at the mall's customers service department for the past 36 hours where a very, very sweet lady has been answering my phone and relaying the message that I am not available--all on her own initiative. 

It's been pretty nice so far. Instead of getting calls from people I get emails beginning with things like, "A nice lady at the mall told me you don't have your phone so I thought I would email you." I could get used to this.

Sadly, I'll be relieving her of her duties late this afternoon. Sam has an ENT appointment in Indy so I figured I might as well pick up my phone as well. Goodbye, sweet secretary.

I'm trying to not get my hopes up that the appointment will give us any progress concerning Sam's diagnosis. Even if this doctor does agree that his adenoids need to go we won't be looking at surgery until early July since I'm leaving for Iowa tomorrow with the kiddos. 

But an adenoidectomy would be wonderful if it will help with the night-wakings. Last night Sam got up three times. It's gonna be a rough day. This kid is keeping us on our toes with his every-other-night-mess-with-our-heads-routine. One night he sleeps all night long. The next night he regularly makes his presence known. I'm going a bit nutty. The other day I shared how sleeping a full night felt like someone gave me prescription glasses to wear when I didn't even realize the full extent of my vision failings. Now it seems like the glasses are being jerked off my face every other day. I don't like it. I can remember all too well what it feels like to sleep. Sigh.

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