Monday, June 06, 2011

Sleep: It Does A Body Good

No news on the adenoids yet. If he needs surgery it will probably be after the Iowa camp. Speaking of which I've got two babysitters traveling with me which is a huge answer to prayer.

For the second night in a row Sam has fallen asleep by himself without any crying or leaving his room. He's currently on a third of the dosage he was prescribed to help him sleep. I'm sure it will get tougher after he's off the stuff completely, but so far so good. Once again we had a day without any bathroom accidents or temper tantrums. It seems like our old Sam is coming back.

Last night I got six hour of uninterupted sleep. I slept for six hours straight. This is a good thing. And while I like Sam did not have any accidents or tantrums, what was even more exciting was that I got to dissertate.

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Marc said...

Wonderful. Good news. We'll continuing lifting y'all up in prayer, but it's good to hear such relief and joy.