Friday, June 10, 2011


No surgery for Sam! The ENT said quite firmly he didn't think it would help. He said he didn't even consider him borderline. I'm thankful for the firm response. I was afraid it would be a "well, maybe this could help but we don't know," kind of response. The certainty is nice.

I asked what could be causing the excess CO2 and he, too, ruled out a few lung diseases. Sometimes smokers have these symptoms, but I'm guessing Sam's meager allowance can't support the allowance so we'll cross that possibility off the list. Plus I know how Sam feels about cigarettes.

The ENT thinks it's all connected with asthma and that Sam's nighttime breathing will get easier the longer he's on his asthma medicine. The medicine has to be in his system for a while in order to help him maintain normal breathing capacity.

Sam's getting used to doctors. And I'm pretty sure he pays more attention than I initially realized because at one point he interrupted the doctor and said, "I'm just going to write down the things you're saying," and then proceeded to scribble on his Magnadoodle.

As we were leaving I said something along the lines of, "I'm so proud of you, Sam. You were so brave when the doctor wanted to look up your nose."

He responded, "He didn't look in my ears. That's the really tricky part."

I love this kid!

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