Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Night Time Crazies: Exhibit A

11:48 pm

Sam: (Whilst crying) "Mommy, I want honey under my pillow."
Me: (Certain Sam is confused) "You mean you want money under your pillow? Like the tooth fairy?"
Sam: (Anger-ball style) "NO! I WANT HONEY UNDER MY PILLOW."
Me: "You want honey under your pillow?"
Me: "Okay, Sam. I understand that you want honey under your pillow."
(Sam relaxes)
Sam: "My back is between my bottom."
Me: (Certain Sam is confused and is talking about his vertebrae) "You mean you have bumps between your back?"
Sam: (Anger-ball style) "NO! MY BOTTOM IS BETWEEN MY BACK!"
Me: "Okay, Sam. I understand that you're saying your bottom is between your back."
(Sam relaxes)
Sam: "I want a flower my hand has never touched."
Me: (Now certain Sam is just in la-la-land) "Okay, Sam. I understand that you want a flower your hand has never touched."
(Sam relaxes and falls asleep)

What?! It's like I'm living in one of those fairy tales where the heroine has to do three impossible tasks to break the evil spell.  Friday's appointment cannot come fast enough.


Holly and Ddog said...

Selfishy, I enjoy your writing immensely.
However, your writing is that good that I am sure a fresh, easier topic would be welcomed.
praying for that "relief" to come your way...SOON.

π² said...

Be thankful for the era in which you live. 1,000 or more years ago you would have to had given Sam up to a temple or shrine because he obviously can speak prophetic utterances. 1,000 - 100 years ago you would have been forced to have him committed. Now we know that not getting enough sleep makes a person loopy, so we try and fix that. Praying for your family, but I will miss having funny and moving blog posts to read once Sam is sleeping normally.

Josh said...

whew...this post makes me take a deep breath. i'm so sorry guys.

Erin Crisp said... I've been reading your blog via facebook and I can relate. Elijah had sleep issues too and we ended up doing the tonsillectomy + adenoids in 2007 when he had just turned 5. It was definitely the right decision for him. It made a HUGE difference. Elijah's nighttime waking wasn't as disruptive to our lives as Sam's has been because he would go back to sleep on his own, but he was exhausted all day every day even though he was "asleep" for 10-12 hours at night. He was snoring loudly and waking himself up every 15-20 minutes all night long. His tonsils and noids were so large that he would stop breathing, choke and wake up multiple times in his sleep. Anyway, I posted the link to the details I learned on surgery day so that if it comes to that, you'll have an idea what it could be like. Hoping and praying for a wonderful resolution SOON.

Erin Crisp said...