Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mall of America

On the ferris wheel
 While Sam loves animals, he does not like over-sized red-eyed tree frogs.
At Rainforest Cafe--Towards the end of dinner Sam asked, "Now can we see the real animals?" He was devestated to learn they were all fake.
 The aquarium at the Mall of America.
 Babysitter extraordinare
 Sam loved the log ride and cried that he couldn't go on the rollar coasters, but he still said the carousel was his favorite.
 Clara's first ride. Love that girl.
Swiper's ride
 On the "Flyboat". This is Seewious.


Jaena said...

Fun photos of fun times. :)

My personal confession: I love the Wonder Pets. And I am seewious.

The Rupps said...

I particularly like the fact that you are carrying a baby, a stuffed animal, a pacifier, and a cellphone case all in the crux of your left arm. We are heroes, aren't we?