Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My father-in-law has a fitting nickname: Lifter. Two years ago John and I went to Tobago to speak at a pastor's conference (rough, I know). My in-laws graciously agreed to watch Sam. My father-in-law is the one with the stronger back, and so whenever Sam needed to be lifted from his crib or highchair his grandma would say, "Let's call the Lifter-Man."

I saw my father-in-law yesterday. This is only odd because he lives in Indiana and I'm currently in Iowa. I was in the middle of changing Clara's diaper when I happened to look outside and catch a glimpse of a man.

"Hey! That man looks like Keith," I thought to myself while resuming diaper duties. A split second later I remembered my father-in-law's personality and thought, "Wait a minute, I'll bet that IS Keith."

So I finished my job and started towards my door. Sure enough. It was Keith.

"I'm just stopping by to pray for you," he said. And he did.

This is the kind of person my father-in-law is. He had something going on in the Dakotas, saw I was an hour out of his way, and on a whim stopped by for all of five minutes. Simply to pray and hug his grandkids.

Maybe I'll start calling him "Lifter", too.


Mandy said...

this, literally, made me tear up. very cool.

The Rupps said...

Perfect picture of what a Chist-follower should be. Thank you for sharing. You've got a great family, there!

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

I don't know him as father-in-law, but I do know him as a Lifter - he has lifted me and so many other students over the years, a repeated source of encouragement, advice, wisdom and insight. He's given me guy advice, driven me and a bunch of others around Scotland, provided the best practical instruction I received in undergrad/graduate years, and elicited gifts and graces from deep down. It's a rare skill to bring out the best in others, but he has it - making him an eternal Lifter.