Saturday, June 11, 2011

German Celebrities and the Middle of the Midwest

Both John and I have fond memories of visiting various "church camps" with our families. In both of our cases our fathers were often guest speakers. I've been eager to bring Sam and Clara along to some of these camps. I love the thought of them finding playmates they will later reconnect with in college. I love the idea of having them traips across the states experiencing different slices of America. I love the idea of them getting glimpses of what various worship styles look like.

And so it's with great joy I announce that the great Drury tour of the middle of the Midwest has begun! I packed up Sam and Clara, drove to Michigan City where I picked up two amazing babysitters (thank you, Lord), and am currently in Coal Valley, Illinois where we'll spend the next 36 hours before traveling to Iowa. Following a week of high school camp we'll travel up to Minneapolis to the Mall of America where we'll visit Nickelodeon Studios and the Rainforest Cafe. Why the Rainforest Cafe? Have you not been listening to anything I've said about Sam?

So if anyone has any restaurant/attraction recommendations for the Quad Cities, Floyd, Iowa, or Minneapolis, let me know!

Now, when I agreed to this camp it was with full knowledge that John would be doing his own previously scheduled conference and wouldn't be available to tag along. This camp was also agreed upon before the sleep-stuff with Sam got really bad. My anxiety was quite high a month or two ago at the thought of being without John during this high pressured time. Now I know I could have asked that he skip his conference and help me out, but that would be like asking David Hasselhoff to please button his shirt. He would do it, but he would be very, very sad. This conference for John is the equivalent of the theological Oscars (Oooooh! There's Robert Jenson! Egad! Kathryn Tanner!). So John will be on the east coast while I'm hanging in the middle. While the timing is not ideal, we're both happy to be where we are at. And praise the Lord for my babysitters! Love them!

I'm somewhat hopeful that we can get a better night's sleep tonight. Last night was rough with Sam awake from 11:30-1:10 am. This evening I made the discovery that his asthma inhaler we've been using faithfully was out. Apparently I'm not yet skilled enough to tell when it's empty. I'm hoping the fresh does of medicine will make things easier on him (and me).

Before we left this morning we gathered in the garage for a quick family prayer. Both John and I prayed similar prayers--safety, health, happiness, SLEEP. Sam closed by mumbling something incoherent.

"What did you pray for, Sam?" I asked.

"Japan." He replied, as in, "Duh, Mom, can't you get your mind off of yourself and pray for one of the decade's largest disasters?"

Speaking of me and myself, if you think about it I would certainly appreciate prayers for the following:

1. Safety and health
2. Sleep
3. The hearts of the students I will be preaching to--youth camps can be emotionally taxing in a healing sort of way in that so often it's in these kinds of contexts that various hurts are unveiled (abuse, cutting, eating disorders, etc). My heart is often heavy at youth camp for many of these students.
4. That we would be conscious of the breath of the Spirit.
5. And of course, Japan.


Maria said...

I hope & pray that your travels will go well and sleep will happen for all of you. Sorry to hear about the struggles of the last months. I'm glad there are some answers with Sam now and some hope!

A few ideas for MN...Como Zoo--a free zoo in St. Paul area, MN Zoo is also a neat place, Children's Museum in St. Paul. I'll let you know if I think of other places.

Take care, Maria

Jess said...

Japan. that is awesome and made me laugh. Are you staying with Chad and Kate? Hope you enjoy the Quad Cities and say hi to anyone we might both know :). I will pray for your time at camp, and of course, Japan.