Monday, June 20, 2011

Full Moon Over Floyd

This afternoon we made the trek back from Minneapolis to good old Floyd, Iowa. As much as I loved high school camp, there's something special about the middle schoolers that arrived today. They are just so eager-puppy-ish. Within 5 minutes of their arrival I was already asked if someone could see where I was staying. Within 10 minutes a "Lost and Found" had already been established. The Snack Bar posted a sign that any kid who spends $100 this week will get a free soda. They high schoolers roll their eyes at a sign like that. The middle schoolers don't catch the absurdity of the deal and are already plotting.

The camp nurse is a man and when a young girl approached saying she had scraped her, ahem, derriรจre, the nurse responded, "I hope you don't want me to look at it, because that's Amanda's department." As soon as the nurse was out of the room she proved to me that she didn't quite catch his sarcasm. Zero warning. Sigh.

I love middle schoolers (and yes, I acknowledge that's a bit awkward to admit immediately following that last paragraph). But I do. I really do. And I'm enjoying ministering alongside the band Encounter from Bethany Bible College. I had no clue you could mix-up Coldplays' "Viva La Vida" with "Blessed Be Your Name," but it totally works and I have a new favorite song. The only problem is that this Coldplay was #1 on my labor mix and I have a difficult time hearing it without practicing my Lamaze breathing. At any rate it makes for some really interesting worship.

(By the way, rough night of sleep...praying for something more substantive tonight.)

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