Wednesday, June 08, 2011

1000 Steps Forward, 800 Steps Back

Will I disappoint you, Reader, if I tell you that last night was rough? Three wake-ups with Sam being up for the day around 5:30 am. The red-eyed, droopy-lidded child is least for the day. Though I have every reason to hope for a better night tonight.

Last night was still better than what was going on a week ago. I just got spoiled these past three nights. It's like Sam has hit a solid single but I was hoping for another home run. Oh well. I know this will take time.

In other news, I went shopping today and the first swimsuit I tried on worked. This is clearly a miracle and a definite sign of God's favor. Proof I have not been abandoned.

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The Rupps said...

You are too much fun. I am cheering for Sam from the Far East! Love,