Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When in Doubt Bribe the Doctors

On the ride home from our first failed attempt at a sleep study, a very sleepy boy called from the backseat, "Next time let's bring the doctors some food." That's my boy. When in doubt, go with a bribe. On the drive to the second sleep study Sam yelled,"We have to bring them food!" So we pulled over and bought a box of cookies. This boy knows how to woo people.

The woo-ing continued when he showed his new eagle to one of the technicians.

"This is my bald eagle," Sam said.

"What's his name?" The technician asked.

"What's your name?" Sam asked.


"That's my eagle's name, too. Josh." Sam replied with a grin.

When we were leaving the sleep study, Deanna, the amazing respiration therapist pulled me aside and said, "After talking with you the other day I assumed Sam would be a holy terror. But he wasn't at all. He's a typical three-year-old--and very sweet." I had called Deanna a few days earlier for advice since the last study didn't go so well. I think this call prompted them to pair their most experienced people with Sam. I'm glad everyone planned for the worst.  

I wish I could say that we're full of hope and peace now that we've got the sleep study under our belts. Unfortunately that's not the case. Last night was our hardest evening yet. You'd think it would be mitigated by the thought of answers potentially coming our way in a week or so. But it wasn't. It was rough. Just flat out rough. We started the bedtime routine at 6:30. Sam finally fell asleep at 10. It's not that he's not tired. He had only slept six hours the night before and he was exhausted during the day--difficulty walking in a straight line, briefly falling asleep at an awkward angle, half upside-down on the couch. "I'm so tired," he said as we walked to his room at bedtime. Nevertheless, those little eyes stayed open until 10 pm. I think the word most uttered in our home right now is "weary".

(I wanted to mention that one of the reasons why I'm blogging on this subject so much is because I've so appreciated finding other people's blogs who have had similar experiences. I'm hoping to add our stories to the mix in case it can help someone else in their own sleep journey.)


Josh said...

Thanks for sharing so openly. We are following closely.

Kristine said...

I'm sorry it was so rough last night. My heart just goes out to you guys and to exhausted yet sweet (& freaking brilliant...story of "Josh" the bald eagle is hilarious!) lil Sam.