Monday, May 23, 2011

Update Two: Still Going Strong!

Update One Here

Whew! We survived our first night waking/night terror. Sam was awake and agitated for about 20 minutes calling for both Mommy and Daddy. He was so sweet. So sad but trying to follow directions. He barely attempted to pull off the nasal cannula even though I know it was bothering him.

At one point he said, "I want this off so I can drink better." Our saint of a nurse got him a straw and he immediately calmed down, gulped about half a cup of water, and fell asleep.

We now have 3 hours of sleep data. They generally like to have between 4 and 6. We're getting so close!

I managed to get about 30 minutes of sleep myself. Sam is not exactly a sound sleeper and I find myself jolting upright with every sigh, jerk, and loud snore. I know that if he pulls out some of these wires the lights will come on, the nurse will come in and we'll have to begin again. So I jump to his side and intercept the sleepily flailing arms. Being awake is no problem knowing that I have a husband to drive us home and an amazing babysitter to help out tomorrow while we all try to get some rest.

Thank you for your prayers. As sad as I was to see Sam awake and struggling, I'm glad that they could see what a "normal" sleep night looks like for this little guy.

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