Saturday, May 07, 2011


(Here's the original post concerning Sam's struggle for those of you that are just joining us).

I'm overwhelmed by all the kind messages of support. Thank you so much.

I just woke up and with a bit more hindsight am still feeling good about our decision to stop the study. I'll explain more later. In the meantime, we have another appointment set for next week with an ENT. He may have some ideas about those adenoids that won't require a sleep study.

Oh yeah, and we found a yak. Smile.


Jamie said...

I'm sorry that you and Sam had/have to go through all of this. No fun for anyone. Our oldest daughter had to do a sleep study when she was two followed by an adnoidecotomy and then a tonsilectomy 6 months after that for sleep apnea. Our second daughter's tonsils were enlarged and the doc performed an adnoidectomy AND a tonsilectomy at the same time (wahoo for one surgery instead of two I guess) but with no sleep study. Maybe the docs can do a surgery if need be without a sleep study. Did they get xrays of his adnoides? Let me know if you need any info and/or advice about any of this having gone through it twice with little kiddos. Praying.

K. Boshernitzan said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way, and I hope they find the cause and are able to fix it asap. I admire the way you area able to keep your good humor through this trying situation.

Another bribe - the Children's Museum in Indy is pretty fun! Just as an idea...

Jessica said...

It's not the prettiest link, but Sam might appreciate it. I remember singing this particular poem in choir.

"The Yak", from The Bad Child's Book of Beasts's_Book_Of_Beasts/The_Yak