Monday, May 23, 2011

Sleep Study: Update 1

Wow. This has gone much, much better than I had anticipated! It's 11:03 pm and Sam is asleep with all wires attached. That means sleep data is officially being recorded as I type! We never made it this far with the first study. 

We've got an amazing respiration therapist who indulged us by allowing us to use our own colorful tape and put stickers on every one of our limbs. She even pulled our extra cannulas for all of us to insert in our noses when that dreaded time came. Speaking of which, both John and I stayed in the room. I had to hold his arms for a good 60 seconds while he cried, but she got it in and secured. We then took large stickers and covered Dora's and Diego's faces and pretended they were yelling at Sam in a muffled voice. Kinda sick now that I think about it but it had Sam laughing.

It took an hour and a half for him to fall asleep. That was an hour and a half of story-telling. Often times, when I start to slowly list the names of all the animals I can think of Sam is lulled into sleep. I tried that trick tonight: "Elephant....Zebra....Alligator....." and then I made my first mistake. "Wolf....Dingo...." At which point Sam's droopy eyes flew open and he yelled, "THE DINGO ATE MY BABY!"

That's my boy.

Thank you for you prayers. I am incredible encouraged and hopeful. If you're up, I'd appreciate prayers that Sam stays asleep and if/when he wakes up he won't panic and start pulling out wires.

Thank you, Jesus, for this night.

 Sam with his zebra-deer

Turning into a bald eagle.

 Killing time with "Harold and the Purple Crayon" DVD.
 Ah, the nasal cannula.
 Putting stickers on his new friend.
Ready for bed!

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Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

Jesus, I pray silent night, holy night for them all...