Monday, May 16, 2011

Sleep Study Moved Up!

Sam's sleep study date has been moved up to May 31st! Yes, I really did just use an exclamation point at the end of a sentence containing the words "sleep study" and "moved up". As much as I don't want to go through this again, I'm eager for Sam to get a full night's rest (me, too). The sooner the better. And yes, I've now talked with numerous doctors and read various articles all indicating this is a necessary step for us to take.

We are prepping like maniacs over here. We're going hard core. I went to a medical supply store today  and purchased the three different types of surgical tape they use during the study. We're going to practice at home (how about it, John?). I got stickers with which to decorate said tape. I'm going to dig up my old earphones that no longer work and use the wire to tape around our faces. Tomorrow I get to pick up a prescription to buy a $1.25 nasal cannula...that's gonna be a fun one to practice with. And I'm waiting to hear back whether or not my doctor will prescribe me numbing topical cream to give Sam a "mustache" so that after he falls asleep we can fit him with the nasal cannula without him waking up. If my doctor won't I will be searching the black market and bribing all my nursing friends (I'm talking about you, Liz).

I'm also going to acquire a copy of "An American Tale". Tonight at bedtime Sam requested I sing, "There are no cats in America," as his lullaby. Whatever makes you sleep, Kid.

We've got two weeks to prep. And no doubt in those two weeks Sam will request another obscure animal to comfort him during his stay at Riley. Can't wait to track it down.

By the way, if anyone has any advice or suggestions, feel free to share. You will not be stepping on our toes!

Thanks for your prayers

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Anonymous said...

Silly idea, but maybe you can have Sam hook up the wires and tape to a stuffed animal while you talk to him about the process.

Then you can tell him he gets to undergo the study like the animal!