Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sleep antics

Some of the things that have come out of Sam's mouth at bedtime this past week have cracked us up.

Wednesday night I was in charge of putting Sam to bed (we alternate because it can be an ordeal). He was all snuggled in his covers, eyes closed, when he announced he needed to use the potty. After taking a trip to the bathroom, Sam waltzed back into his room, stood by his bed and said, "Mommy, these are your choices," and then holding up a finger one at a time Sam said, "Do you want to play with animals, read a book, watch a movie, or go straight to bed."

Somewhat amused I played along and said, "Go straight to bed."

"Nope," he said. "Sorry, we already did that. How about a movie?"

Thursday night was John's turn. Sam was doing all that he could to convince John that he should be allowed to come find me for yet another "Hug, kiss, tickle." John was firm. "Sammy, Mommy already said goodnight to you."

Then Sam got an idea. "Can we have a com...a com...a com-pli...a compli-ment? Can we have a compliment?

"Do you mean a compromise?" John asked.

"Yes, a compromise," Sam said.

So they did. John made a proposal that Sam saw fit to accept and everyone went to bed happy (until 12:30 am when Jesus nudged Sam out of bed).

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