Friday, May 06, 2011

Prayers, Please.

It's 1:056 am. If anyone is up right now I would covet your prayers. Sam is still resisting the nasal tubes and is absolutely terrified. Lot of tears.

He's asleep again and I need to decide whether or not to attempt to continue the study or just give up. Giving up means we won't have a clear picture of apnea nor a clear indication of how to proceed...and we might have to repeat the study a bit later anyway which means another grueling hour of getting connected to wires.

Continuing means we attempt once again to attach the nasal wire once he gets into a deeper sleep. Most likely he'll wake up crying again and I'm not sure my mother's heart could take it. Plus, it will mean I'll have been awake most of the night and I cannot fathom driving the hour and a half back to Marion in this state.

I really want what's best for Sam. And I just don't know what that is.

Do not worry about anything. Do not worry about anything. Do not worry about anything.


Amy McNelly said...

I'm awake out here on the west coast and I'm praying! Jesus, please be merciful to Sam. And to Mandy. Be the strength in their weakness, their refuge, their hope. And please let them get these tubes in!! All things are possible with you. We pray this in your strong and saving name. Amen.

mdh said...

I'm awake and I feel your pain.. Uncle David and I are praying. Wish I lived closer to come and give you a break or help out in anyway. But since I am so far away this post will have to do. Sending a hug across the miles. Aunt Shirley

Amanda said...

Lots of love and thankfulness for West Coast family and friends. We are attempting again in 3 minutes. This will be our last try. If it doesn't work we're calling it quits...I think.

TruthChangeLove said...

I'm here too! Am praying that wisdom comes barrelling into your soul like a Mac truck. God be with you--neither you nor Sam are alone!

abbeyleigh said...

Hey Mandy,

My little neighbor went through a very similar procedure a couple of years ago. Praying for you and for Sam! His perfect peace over the both of You. May Sam feel the Lord's hand calming Him.

Love, Abbey Green