Monday, May 23, 2011

Never, Ever Argue Animals with Sam

For the past two weeks Sam has been begging for a "zebra deer". I've been assuming that it was a made-up animal much like "the great gazoo" he keeps talking about.

Today on the way to Meijer, Sam asked if we could buy a zebra-deer for the hospital tonight. Our conversation went something like this:

Sam: "Can we buy a zebra-deer for the hospital tonight?"
Me: "Sorry, Sam. There's no such thing as a zebra-deer."
Sam: "But can we buy one at Meijer?"
Me: "Sam, they don't sell zebra-deer at Meijer."
Sam: "Yes they do."
Me: "No they don't." (Because it's really smart to argue with a three-year-old.)
Sam: "If Meijer has a zebra-deer will you buy it for me?"
Me: "Yes, Sam. If Meijer has a zebra-deer I will buy it for you."

I know better than to argue animals with Sam. Thanks a lot, Webkinz.

Sidenote: I picked up the numbing cream that I hope to put around Sam's nose tonight. I practiced on myself. It works. It works really well.


Amanda said...

By the way, it's called an okapi.

K. Boshernitzan said...

Amanda beat me to it! It's one of my favorite animals at the zoo because it's so improbable.