Friday, May 06, 2011

8 Hours Until Riley--No Yak Yet

One of the saving graces of the craziness these past few months have held has been the things coming out of Sam's mouth. Last week, when we thought it was still a horse, Sam went to bed very cheerfully and announced, "I am going to always say 'please' and 'thank you', and if I wake up tonight I will not get out of bed. I will just talk with Jesus."

Apparently Jesus told Sam to wake his mother up. Every hour, on the hour that night.

We've got 8 hours until we're supposed to report to Riley. They asked me to please prepare Sam for the wires and tubes that he'll have to be connected to. So I've been showing him pictures and talking about how silly he'll look. Sam's response up to this point has been a very simple, "Nope. I'm not going to do that." No fussing. No whining. Just a firm, adamant, "Nope."

So I pulled out a bribe. "Sam, when we go to Indianapolis, we will stop at a big toy store and I'll let you pick out a stuffed animal you can sleep with at the hospital!"

"Okay!" He said with enthusiasm. "I'm going to get a yak."


"Sam, um, they might not have a yak."

"But they might," he said. "They might have a yak with big horns and lots of hair just like a person."

"They might, Sam, but they probably won't. You'll probably get to pick out a new animal instead."

Blank stare. Crickets chirp.

We spoke with my mom a bit later. Sam got on the phone and announced, "Mommy and I are going on a long date. We're going to go to Riley and I get to get a big red wagon that I get to ride in with all my stuff and my two new yaks."

Great. Now we're up to two yaks.

I did call a few places only to find they were yak-less. One woman said, "We're all out of yaks, but we do have a cow with large horns." I thanked her but didn't explain that this 3-year-old can tell the difference between yaks, moose, caribou, bulls, and mastodons.

While I have much sympathy for this little boy I am not going to kill myself looking for a yak. Plus I'm fairly certain he'll find something he loves here. Perhaps a zebra.

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