Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sam's Third Birthday, Etc.

Sam turned three maybe, oh, I don't know, four months ago. So I figured it was time to post a few pics. Lots of fun with family and, of course, an animal cake. Originally he was asking that the animals all be in cages so I was relieved when he saw his cake and dropped the cage bit.

Just today, however, I was asking him what kind of cake he wanted for his fourth birthday and he said, "An animal cake!" Duh. Followed by, "And I want them all to be in cages."

So the way I see it I've got 8-ish months to come up with a caged animal birthday cake. Any ideas?

While I'm at it I figured I'd throw in a few from Christmas. Below is Sam at his first sleepover with his cousins. He loves Uncle Adam, too.

And these are the the grandkids on the Hontz side (minus Clara and Dawson) enjoying Grammie and Pop's new train.
And before you complain about this post being too boy-heavy, here's a recent picture of Claire.

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