Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Easter

Happy Resurrection Day!

We had a special family Good Friday service in my parent's basement. It was dark. We lit candles. We told Sam the story of the Last Supper. We took communion. We watched the "Matthew" video of Jesus washing feet. We pulled out a basin. We had intended to just wash Sam's feet, but he had other plans. He walked over to Pops (my dad) and said, "Now I'll wash your feet." One by one, Sam went through our family members washing feet. We said a prayer.

"What happened next?" Sam asked. We told him they song a song. So Sam requested, "Jesus Loves Me." It was a special time together--watching our 3-year-old take in some concrete elements of the Easter story.

Apparently the story stuck in Sam's head because I woke up this Easter morning to Sam, inches from my face, whispering, "This is my body. Eat it. This is my blood. Drink it." It was both touching and a little bit creepy.


Jim and Jaena said...

What a meaningful time Friday. I laughed out loud twice about his Easter morning comments. ;D

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

oh my gosh I'm laughing so hard, that is the best, funniest Eucharist story EVER. OH my gosh hilarious. So much pride, so many eerie shivers, all at once.