Friday, April 29, 2011

Deliver Us From Evil

Good Friday brought us a nighttime storm that knocked out our electricity. This meant that our three-year-old who insists on not one, but two night lights was subjected to darkness.

I heard his his yelling and ran to his room. The thunder was booming and lightening was flashing.

"Pray! Pray!" He begged.

With delerium I began to pray, "Dear Lord, please help us all to get the rest we need tonight. Please keep us safe--"

"FROM WHAT?" Sam asked frantically.

Shoot. "Um, please keep us safe from....germs...and sickness." Whew.

I ended the prayer and Sam asked, "Why did you turn the light off so I couldn't see my hand?" Maybe it was a 3-year-old that coined that phrase.

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Jennifer said...

Amanda, \
your blog is way too cute! I love reading these snippets of life with your little guy! I just read a few all in a row, and I must say, I am often tempted to clean house in the same fshion that Sam did...
Take care!