Thursday, March 24, 2011

They are New Every Morning

I love coming down the stairs with Clara in the morning and being greeted by Sam. More accurately, I love coming down the stairs and hearing Sam greet Clara. Every single morning Sam stops what he's doing, runs over to us, and pours out loving greetings upon his little sister. He has various pet names for her:

"Oh hello little Honey!"
"Hi there, Sweetie Patootie!"
"Hello little Kicksie!"
"Hi Honey bunny bunny!"
"Hi Snuggle puppy!"

This morning was a new one. We walked down the stairs. Sam looked up from his movie, ran over to us, and said, "Hello Beef."



K. Boshernitzan said...

I just wanted to let you know that reading your blog brings a bit of sunshine into my life everyday. My LO has a fever from her 4 month shots, so this lastest dose of sunshine was just what I needed! Thank you. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks! I hope your LO shakes this fever soon. And happy anniversary! :)

K. Boshernitzan said...

Reverse blog stalking... I see how it is. ;)

But seriously, your son is awesome!

Jim and Jaena said...