Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Surgeon Sam's Warning

Using the potty has meant Sam has been exposed to all sorts of new experiences. A few days ago we went to Richard's Resturant for dinner where a trip to the bathroom requires a walk through the smoking section. Sam has spent most of his life in New Jersey where it's illegal to even think of nicotine and so the smell of smoke was a new experience for him.

As we walked through the crowded room Sam plugged his nose and yelled, yes yelled, "What's that smell? Why does it smell so bad in here? It stinks, Mommy. It stinks!"

In the stall I gave him a crash course in all things Marlboro. We left the bathroom and proceeded through the dining room where Sam continued to yell, "It still stinks, Mommy. It smells so bad! Where's the fire? Where's the fire?" Of course, this was all yelled whilst plugging his nose, so he had a lovely nasal tone.

Just say, "No", Sam. Just say, "No".

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