Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. Francis He is Not

Sam just started getting allowance. We had read that it was time to give a kid an allowance once they started asking for things. Sam asks for things, so Sam gets an allowance.

We were at the store today when Sam exclaimed that he saw something he wanted—two Schleich animals (my mother’s heart rejoiced that he bypassed the plastic options). We went home, counted his money, and returned to the store to make the purchase. The whole way to the store I was preparing him for what was about to happen.

Me: “Sam, when you buy the toy, you’ll have to give the cashier your money.”

Sam: “I don’t want to.”

Me: “Well, you’re going to have to choose whether you want to keep your money or buy some animals.”

Sam: “I know, let’s give them your money.”

Me: “Nope. If you want the animals you have to spend your money.”

The purchasing transaction went surprisingly well.

When we got in the car I saw another learning opportunity present itself. Standing at the street's entrance to the store was a man with a sign asking for money. As we approached I told Sam that I wanted to give the man some money.

“Why?” Sam asked.

I explained that perhaps the man didn’t have a lot of food or was cold. I thought this would capture Sam’s sympathy because he regularly asks to pray for people who don’t have food before going to bed. We pulled up to the man, and as I rolled down the window my lovely son yelled, “DON’T GIVE HIM MY MONEY!”

Today’s lesson: budgeting. Tomorrow’s: compassion.


Gwen said...

Love this story :)

Jaena said...

This seriously made me laugh out loud...twice.