Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Potty Training: Day 1

Yes, Folks, I think we've just had our first day of potty training. Previous attempts last fall ended in Sam lamenting, "I miss my diapers." But he might, MIGHT be ready now. He keeps announcing, "I'm done with diapers."

We were close to starting yesterday, but we aborted this plan when Sam threw a fit. He was devastated to realize that when I said he could "wear big boy underwear just like Daddy," I did not mean he could actually wear his father's underwear.

Today was a good day. Sam has a system for doing his business. As many of you know, he is obsessed with the Noah story (we are saving our pennies for therapy for the day when he realizes it's actually a story of the destruction of the world). Here's the conversation Sam has with himself when he's taking care of business:

(While peeing) "AHHHH!!! It's raining!"
(After peeing) "Phew. It's sun shiney."
(Mid-flush when the bowl is empty) "I see land!!"
(Post-flush) "Oh no! The flood is back!"

I'm not sure if this whole potty thing will stick this time around, but at the very least I'm enjoying the entertainment.


Kathy said...

Hilarious-- glad you are documenting these moments.

Gwen said...

Mandy, I read this one to Dennis and we laughed out loud. So funny and fun! At least Sam is making something parents often dread, a laughable event.

BTW, does he take after his mom?