Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eternal Sunshine of Sam's Mind

Sam had a night terror not long ago. After 15 minutes of holding our crying 3-year-old we finally got him calm enough to talk.

John: Did you have a bad dream?
Sam: Yeah.
John: Can you tell me about it?
Sam: What are animals called that have fur?
Me: Mammals?
Sam: Yeah. I had a dream about a mammal. It was a snake.
Me: Actually, snakes are reptiles. Mammals have hair.
Sam: This snake had hair.
John: Oh. Was it a mean snake?

(Suddenly, Sam completely snapped out of his night terror mode and broke into a big smile.)

Sam: No! It was a nice snake! I only have dreams about nice things like unicorns, doves and ravens.

(Here's where John and I hyperventilated with laughter.)

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