Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Boy and His Sister

Inevitably, the question I hear the most is, "How is she sleeping?" At this point I can respond with a grateful, "Very well, thank you." The second question I hear is, "And how is Sam doing with all of this?" To which I can also respond, "Very well, thank you." I have loved watching the way Sam interacts with Clara...or as he calls her, "Cutie-kins".

Our biggest problem at this point is that he keeps waking her up with kisses and head pats. Whenever I scold him for this act he responds, "But I'm just loving her!"

Below are two videos of Sam and Clara. The first is the last conversation Sam had in utero with Clara before I gave birth. It's a bit lengthy, but it makes me smile.

The second is their first face to face meeting at the hospital. You can hear Sam say, "Two hands!" Meaning that Daddy is holding Clara with two hands like Sam was taught at the sibling preparation class he took last October.

I love these kiddos!


elizabeth said...

Well that just made my night. So sweet. Again, what a beautiful family you and John have.

pk said...

That was special! Thanks!

Shoemaker Family said...

That was so sweet, so sweet! Congrats to you guys!