Monday, July 12, 2010

The Time I was Not Assaulted in the Parking Lot: Or Getting the Jersey Out

I went grocery shopping this afternoon. The shopping part was non-eventful. It was surprisingly relaxing. This changed when I got to my car. I popped the trunk and was preparing to load the first bag when a strange man ran over to me and literally yanked the cart out of my hands.

I was so startled I didn't get a chance to say what was on my mind which was: "Hey! This guy is stealing my groceries!"

Thankfully, my tongue-tied-ness paid off because apparently the guy was just trying to help me load my groceries. He took pity on the pregnant lady trying to load her car in 90-degree weather and just wanted to help (though a simple, "Can I help?" would have been appreciated).

Had this happened in Jersey I would have Maced the guy. Apparently the mid-west is different.