Monday, May 17, 2010

High Risk

I like the term "high risk" when it comes to things like ropes courses or board game strategies. I am not a fan of the term when it comes to pregnancies. Unfortunately that's the category I currently find myself in.

The end of March had John and I sadly making our way to the ER thinking that we had just lost the baby. I was absolutely shocked to see a beating heart. Unfortunately, right above that beating heart was a large subchorionic hematoma (which is just a fancy way of saying "blood clot." The baby appears to be perfectly fine and is growing right on target, but with a hematoma this large (larger than the baby), the fear is that if it dislodges it will take the baby with it or somehow damage the placenta.

This is a wait-and-see situation. It's not really "safe" until the hematoma is gone. Most of these hematomas reabsorb by about 20 weeks, but I'm also aware of the women who have carried babies under these conditions only to lose the baby at 20 weeks. If it persists past 20 weeks there is an increased risk of pre-term labor. Despite these risks I think we're in a good spot. We're taking it a day at a time, operating as if all will be well, and doing our best to not imagine ourselves in scenarios we are not directly facing.

So we wait. I'm feeling fairly optimistic at this point. The last two ultrasounds showed the hematoma shrinking which is certainly a good sign, especially considering how large it was to begin with. I'll do another ultrasound in two weeks.

So thanks to all of you who have been praying, and who have randomly stopped by our apartment offering support. The meals, cards, and babysitting have been a huge blessing (particularly on those random days when I'm stuck in bed).

I'm hoping to share better news late next week!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sibling Rivalry? Not in my House!

Not long ago I was holed up in my room on bedrest (that's a story for another day). Sam knocked on the door and said, "I need some Sam time with you." This melted my heart and I patted the bed indicating that he could come in for a snuggle.

So there we were. Sam reading a book about tigers and me reading Oprah magazine.

Suddenly, Sam said, "I need to tell the baby something."

"Okay," I said, curious where this was leading.

He put down his book, placed both hands on my belly and leaned in until he was about two inches above my belly button. Then very slowly and very loudly he declared, "BABY! THIS IS YOUR MOMMY."

And pointed to a picture of Oprah.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The One Where I Met The Fonz

So I went to Wegmans tonight and ran into Henry Winkler. Here it is in all its minutia:

For those of you old enough to be my father, you'll know him as "The Fonz".

For those of you old enough to be my sibling, you'll know him as the Bluth family's lawyer.

For those of you old enough to have been an out-of-wedlock child of mine conceived in my late teen years, you'll know him as the author of the Hank Zipzer books.

Anyway, I was walking down an aisle at Wegmans when I spotted him about 20 feet away. We locked eyes and a large, goofy grin became plastered to my face. He paused as we passed, looked in my cart, and said,

"Look at that! You're very healthy."

(I had milk and eggs in my cart).

I replied, "I love 'Arrested Development.'"

"Well it's pretty crazy about you too," Henry said as he he rubbed my left arm.

And then I continued on my way.

Later, in the checkout line, I heard a woman say to the cashier, "Henry Winkler was here. Did you see him?"

"I did!" I said. "He touched my arm."

She squealed, ran over, and rubbed my arm.

Oh happy days!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I don't like knick-knacks. This kind of freaked John out when he visited my college dorm room for the first time and saw that my room was completely devoid of any personal objects. It's not that I have some monastic, renounce the world ambitions; it's just that I'm lazy. I don't like to dust and I don't like to move.

Generally speaking, I'm not one to collect souvenirs from far away places. I will, however, purchase items that I plan to use on a regular basis. Hence the sandals from Germany, the canisters from France, the suitcase from Singapore (which didn't last long, by the way).

This was the souvenir we took with us when we moved from Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 2007:

And this is the souvenir we'll take when we move from Princeton this June:


Monday, May 03, 2010

The Gospel According to Sam

Often times, when telling Sam a Bible story, I'll pause and let him fill in the blanks. Sometimes he gets confused.

ME: One day, Jesus and his disciples climbed into a...
SAM: Big boat.
ME: Jesus walked to the back of the boat, put his head on a...
SAM: Pillow and fell fast asleep.
ME: While Jesus was sleeping in came a big...
SAM: Storm.
ME: And the disciples were...
SAM: Soooo afraid.
ME: And so they went to Jesus and said...