Monday, August 17, 2009

Keeping a Toddler Quiet in the Library

When you have PhD students for parents there comes a time when you get dragged to the library. When one of those parents is preparing for comprehensive exams it's possible you could get dragged to the library, oh, I don't know, three times a week.

Today I discovered the way to keep Sam quiet in the library. I tell him the books are napping. His eyes get big, he puts his index finger to his lips, and he tiptoes while saying, "shhhhhhh."

Works like a charm.


Shannon said...

We tell Halle things are asleep when she's scared of them- and somehow it helps things not be so scary. That's so cute!

elizabeth said...

Very cute. This kid is either destined to be wildly studious or... well... just plain wild. I don't think there could be much in between with two parents such as yourselves. We will hope for wildly studious with a great personality like you and John. However, the boot wearing as of late seems to point more to the frat party scene and waking up with glitter in very odd places.

Kari said...

Too cute.