Thursday, July 09, 2009

Not My Finest Hour

4:46 pm Half of Sam's face is engulfed by a giant canine tongue.

4:53 pm Half of Sam's face breaks out in hives due to said canine tongue.

5:02 pm Shouting, "I cut! I cut!" I turn around to see Sam holding a 10 inch serrated knife he got from the dishwasher.

5:02:30 pm While putting knife away I hear, "Knife! Knife," and Sam hands me a second cutting instrument.

5:10 pm Turn around quickly without seeing Sam and knock him to the floor.

5:14 pm Sam reaches into trash can and pulls out a single piece of pasta I had thrown away while cleaning the fridge.

5:21 pm John returns home and takes Sam to the playground. I note that this might not be a Donna Reed afternoon for me.


Christin said...

Thanks for the laugh, Mandy! :-) Yesterday, Noelle was reaching for the socket. I was trying to finish my dinner, so lazy me didn't get up to remove her, I just said with a mouth full of food, "Noelle, stop! Don't do that."

She stopped, looked at me, then with the speed of a cheetah bent over and started licking the socket!!

Emily Walenga said...

I have had many a day like that! My sister asks me if i have to return the "mother of the year" trophy immediately or can i keep it for a few more hours... One time Kat picked chewed gum out of the garbage and chewed it! I almost lost my lunch!