Friday, May 15, 2009

What's next? A victory garden?

Sam must have lived through a depression in an earlier life. Or at least in some kind of setting where food rationing was a part of daily living.

Sam occasionally breaks out when he eats peas. Normally just when he has copious amounts of peas--which is always a threat because the kid loves his peas (what kind of a cruel universe would make a kid allergic to a VEGETABLE that he actually LIKES?). Not wanting to deprive him of his favorite legume, we occasionally allow him to eat a handful of peas.

Such was the case the other evening at dinner. A few peas. He loved them.

The next morning Sam woke up with a few hives on his face. I was confused. Normally, if Sam breaks out it's within an hour of eating. Chalking it up to a fluke I proceeded to bring him to the breakfast table, where he reached inside his mouth, and pulled out a lone, mushy, green pea that he had been saving in the side of his cheek. All. Night. Long.

Poor kid. He hoards his food in case the next meal is scarce.


elizabeth said...

Did he live through the depression in a former life or was he just a squirrel??? It's a toss up.

Amanda said...

Oooh, a squirrel! I hadn't thought of that one. That's much more likely.

Gwen said...

I agree. What kid likes peas, only to be allergic to them!