Monday, January 26, 2009

Color by Number: My Trip to England

Flight there:
5 hours of birthday celebration I missed out on when I flew to Heathrow on January 2nd. Next year I'm flying west. In the meantime, I've been enjoying cashing in an hour here and there for what I'm calling, "Mandy's birthday: the extended version").
2 the number of times the woman sitting next to me spritzed herself with perfume
10 the number of hot dog buns that the woman sitting next to me was traveling with. I don't know why.
1 the number of times the woman sitting next to me laid her arm on top of my arm, using me as an arm rest.
20 the number of seconds I waited before reclaiming my arm

My peeps

Time in Cambridge at IASYM
3 number of days at Fitzwallace College without heat
3 number of layers that I slept in
3 number of days in a row I wore my Smartwool socks
36 number of hours of a stomach virus
0 number of dart games I won

Cambridge at night

Time in London, etc. with the John
2 number of friends I randomly ran into (Jack in Oxford and Pam at the London Tower)
1 number of free hotel upgrades--ahhhh--heated tiles in the bathroom
6 number of rows away we were from the stage for Les Miserable
2 number of smart cars I saw in London. For some reason I thought the streets would be teeming with these cars. Nope. Mostly hatchbacks and mini coopers.
4 number of Tolkien/Lewis haunts visited
0 number of donuts eaten. A record?
3 number of trashcans I saw. Seriously. No trashcans.
4 number of curry meals enjoyed. Yes, Mom, I really do like curry.

Where Tolkien and Lewis hung out

Flight home
2 number of alarm clocks that failed on the morning we needed to leave for the airport
1 number of bags I left on the tube on my way to the airport
1 number of macbooks left in the bag on the tube on the way to the airport
2 number of final seminar papers in my macbook left in the bag on the tube on the way to the airport.
1 number of times I fell to the ground in utter despair that I had left a bag on the tube on my way to the airport. Seriously. To the ground. Head between my knees, panic mode. And there I stayed for fifteen minutes.
1 number of bags recovered from the tube when it doubled back from its final destination

John joined me for the last few days

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Time to go up a size in my diamond shoes

Not long ago friends of ours returned from Eastern Europe. I cornered John and began to whine.

ME: "I wish we had done more travel before we had a baby."
JOHN: "Mandy, you went to Singapore in July, you're going to London in January. I think you're doing okay."
Me: "Oh yeah."

I leave for London tomorrow for a conference. John will join me on the 8th for five days of John and Mandy time in the shadow of Big Ben.

And Sam? He's holding down the fort in Holland.